Public Relations Planning

Focused.  Consistent.  Effective.

What’s your organization’s communications strategy for reaching prospects, customers, stakeholders, partners and the community?  Greenberg Media will work with your team to create the blueprint for a long-term communications program.  Our process includes:

Preliminary Overview

Before an initial engagement, Greenberg Media conducts a preliminary industry overview, including an analysis of the competition and potential communications opportunities.

Client Review

We meet with the client team to review our preliminary findings, as well as further clarify goals, desired markets and intended audiences. We also audit existing messaging and communications strategies to determine what is working and what isn’t.


A messaging platform is the foundation of a successful public relations program.  Working with the client’s senior team, we develop a messaging platform that concisely defines the organization, its mission, products and/or services, as well as identifies and reinforces distinct brand characteristics.  These messages are to be conveyed consistently to your audiences across all communications.

Communications Plan

Finally, we create a long-term communications plan, a carefully laid-out timeline of objectives, strategies and tactics that can be adapted to meet your organization’s evolving needs.