Influencer Relations

Talking-Exec-2Notable.  Quotable.  Sourceable.

Earned media, broadly defined, refers to publicity gained through means other than paid advertising. Earned media includes stories in publications and other news outlets, as well coverage in blogs and the word-of-mouth of social media.  The third-party credibility that earned media generates can enhance the effectiveness of other marketing efforts, including advertising and direct outreach.

Greenberg Media develops and executes public relations plans that reach the outlets and individuals who influence the opinions and decisions of your customers, prospects, partners and stakeholders.

Media Relations

Greenberg Media creates and implements media strategies that can help increase your organization’s presence in consumer, business and trade media outlets – the very outlets your customers and partners consult when making important purchasing and investment decisions.

Blogger Relations

Bloggers represent a growing base of online influencers who interact with dedicated, select audiences.  Some are connected with traditional media outlets; many are not.  Some bloggers are valued as barometers of trends and sources for specialized information.  Greenberg Media helps identify and engage with those bloggers who speak directly to your stakeholders.

Social Media Relations

A 2012 Nielsen study revealed that “92% of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family,” up 18% since 2007.  Greenberg Media tracks conversations about your brand, as well as builds and maintains direct communications with audiences across the most popular social media networks.