Streaming’s Most-Binged

Netflix’s animated kids series Mighty Little Bheem was the most binged streaming show during the second half of 2019, according to TV performance metrics company TVision.

In a survey of 5,000 US homes, TVision found that 82.7% of viewers who watched the second season of Mighty Little Bheem did so in a binge session (in this study binge viewing counted as watching three or more episodes in a single sitting). The result was perhaps not surprising given that individual episodes are a snackable six minutes long.

Children’s programming accounted for three of the top five most-binged shows: Netflix’s cartoon Green Eggs and Ham, season one, was fourth (53.8%) and Amazon’s animated Pete the Cat, season one, was fifth (52%).

Season three of Amazon’s Goliath, the gritty legal drama starring Billy Bob Thornton, came in second (62.9%) and season two of Netflix’s The Kaminsky Method, a comedy about an aging acting teacher (Michael Douglas) and his agent (Alan Arkin), ranked third (60.4%).

Netflix’s Stranger Things had a relatively low binge rate – just 19% for the third season. TVision said that figure is “a testament to the stamina required to watch three hour-long episodes consecutively.” The show’s audience demographic was about evenly split between men and women, with 57% over the age of 35, probably due to “its 80s nostalgia themes,” TVision surmised.

The first season of Apple TV+’s For All Mankind – at 52.9% — was the most co-viewed (proportion of episodes viewed with another person present) streaming program in the second half of 2019.

You can download the H2 2019 TV Performance Report, which covers viewer engagement across the TV landscape, for free from TVision.

(This article originally appeared on The Savvy Screener.)

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